25th December - Tulsi Worship DayA divine initiative by revered Saint Shri Asharamji Bapuji

Even modern science acknowledges

Modern science has recognized its greatness through extensive research on Tulsi.

Tulsi: a wonder drug

Experiments conducted on Tulsi have proved that Tulsi is extremely beneficial.

Tulsi: Protector and nourisher

Tulsi gives longevity, health, and affirmation. Destroys sins just by seeing.

25 December

Why is Tulsi Pujan Celebrated on 25th December?

It is noteworthy that during the period from 25th December to 1st January, to bid farewell to the last year, issues like drug addiction and suicide are on the rise due to blind imitation of the West. Celebrating this festival during these times will prove to be a boon, as Tulsi is an excellent anti-depressant, promoting increased enthusiasm, vigor, and sattvikta.
Tulsi is very sacred and important from many points of view. Like a mother, she protects and nourishes us in every way
Tilak made of Tulsi soil is beneficial, Tulsi wood is beneficial and it is a panacea.
Tulsi is an excellent antidepressant. Basil leaves are also disinfectant. Rich in eugenol methyl ether, the Tulsi leaves destroy the bacteria and repel the mosquitoes.
Numerous tales of the glory of Tulsi are found in several Vrata-related legends, religious stories, and the Puranas. No worship of Lord Vishnu or Krishna is considered complete without offering Tulsi leaves.
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How to Celebrate Tulsi Poojan Divas

On 25th December, after a morning bath, place the Tulsi pot in a clean spot in the house, slightly elevated from the ground. Offer water to it while reciting this mantra-

Mahaaprasaadajanani Sarvasaubhaagyavardhinee |

Aadhivyaadhi Harirnityam Tulsi Twaam Namostu Te ||

Then, recite the mantra ‘Tulsiyaye Namah’ while applying Tilak, and offer Akshat (rice), flowers, and some Prasad. Light a lamp, perform aarti, and complete 7, 11, 21, 51, or 111 parikrama (circumambulations) around Tulsi ji. In that pure environment, remain calm, pray to God, and chant God’s name or Gurumantra. Sitting near Tulsi and practicing Pranayama enhances strength, intelligence, and vigor.

Distribute the prasad by adding Tulsi leaves. Stay awake near Tulsi until 12 o’clock at night and attain divine peace by engaging in bhajan, and kirtan, listening to discourses, and chanting. The recitation of Tulsi Namashtak is also beneficial. You can worship Tulsi in your nearest ashram, Tulsi forest, or any holy place at your convenience.

Vrindaam Vrindaavaneem Vishwapaawaneem Vishwapoojitaam |
Pushpasaaraam Nandineem Cha Tulseem Krishnajeevaneem ||

Etannaamaashtakam Chaitatstotram naamaarthasanyutam |
Yah Pathettaam Cha Sampoojya Soashwamedhafalam labhet ||

Lord Narayana says to Devarshi Naradaji: “The goddess Tulsi is known by the eight names which are- Vrinda, Vrindavani, Vishvapavani, Visvapujita, Pushpasara, Nandini, Tulsi and Krishnajivani. All these epithets are turned into the form of a stotra and whosoever adores Tulsi and recites this stotra earns the merit of performing an Ashvamedha sacrifice.” (The Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Prakriti Khanda: 22.32-33)

Let's make the world a better place.

Pujya Bapu Ji's call for the welfare of the world's mankind is: "From 25th December to 1st January, programs like Tulsi Puja, Japa Mala Puja, Cow Puja, Havan, Cow Geeta Ganga Jagriti Yatra, Satsang, etc., should be organized. This will ensure everyone's well-being and health, fostering a happy mind and the visible blessings of the giver of wisdom in the intellect. The aim is to prevent suicide, cow slaughter, and killing youth, and instead focus on self-development while protecting and nurturing Cows and Ganga. Become vibrant and radiant with cow, Ganga, Tulsi, and discover your free and great soul form through the knowledge of the Geeta.

Tulsi Products: Helpful in Daily life

Tulsi Tablet

Consuming it cures heart weakness, anemia, and impotence.

Tulsi Tablets

Beneficial in chronic stomach diseases like chronic diarrhea, helminthiasis, etc.

Tulsi Mala

Wearing a Tulsi mala around the neck and performing good deeds yield benefits a thousandfold.

Tulsi extract

It enhances beauty, strength, celibacy, and memory while eliminating germs, tridoshas, and poisons.

Tulsiand Environment

Most necessary for human life

In a day, we take approximately 21,600 breaths. Now, the more the air becomes polluted, the more people's health deteriorates.

Measures to get pure air

Trees are a boon, a blessing for our health and for the environment. Tulsi and Peepal trees provide vital energy in abundance.

A Country-wide Environment- protection Campaign

Pujya Bapuji has always acted as a staunch sentinel for the protection of the environment. He has emphasized tree plantation and the purification of the atmosphere in his Satsang discourses over the past 50 years.

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Babita Phogat
Babita Phogat

Indian professional wrestler

If a plastic tree starts giving oxygen, then celebrate Christmas; otherwise, light a lamp under Tulsi. Don’t celebrate 25th December with a plastic tree, but celebrate Tulsi Pujan Day with Nature's heritage. We take pride in our Sanatan culture.

 Prashant Umrao
Prashant Umrao


There has been a tradition of worshiping Tulsi in the courtyard of houses since ancient times, whether it be a king's palace or a humble dwelling. Keeping a Tulsi plant at home is considered beneficial not only from a religious perspective but also scientifically.

Kuldeep Bishnoi
Kuldeep Bishnoi

Former Member of the Lok Sabha

Tulsi is a boon for the entire earth, a highly beneficial medicine, and nectar for human life. Hearty greetings to all on the auspicious occasion of #TulsiPujanDay.

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