Unlocking the dual benefits of Tulsi: Material and Spiritual advantages

Have you ever given a thought as to what could be our very basic desires beneath all endeavours? Irrefutably, a healthy life. And for many of us - worldly comforts and pleasures, a joyous family. And for some may be also a blessed afterlife or spiritual enlightenment. To achieve this we invest all our resources but many a times fall short of it.

Fortunately, our Mother Nature has a few things which are highly helpful in accomplishing positive desires that we aspire for.

This article will introduce you to such a BOON of Nature which is within your reach.

It is none other than – Holy Tulsi. Are you amazed as to how this could be possible? Let us understand.

Tulsi is very beneficial to all in achieving materialistic as well as spiritual benefits & that could well be a reason that Tulsi is called Vishnupriya, Haripriya by our Sages to make Tulsi a part of every household.

Let’s have a look at medicinal benefits of Tulsi.

Medicinal Benefits of Tulsi

  • COVID-19 Treatment

    Since ancient times Holy Basil has been used for preventing and treating several diseases. Tulsi tea & decoction is found to be helpful in many kinds of fevers. A recent research too has pointed that Eugenol present in Tulsi reduced lung inflammation, decreased fever, improved heart function, and enhanced locomotor activities in SARS-CoV-2 spike S1 -intoxicated mice.

  • Time-tested Wonder Drug

    Other than Ayurveda, other faculties of treatment like Allopathy, Homeopathy, and Unani also identify Tulsi as a very important drug. Scholars like Dr. Victor Resin from France extensively researched Tulsi and declared it a wonder drug. He stated that it regulates blood pressure, and the digestive system, controls mental disorders, and also increases the production of RBCs.

  • Boosts Semen

    Taking a pinch of overnight soaked Tulsi seeds empty stomach early in the morning greatly helps in preserving and strengthening semen and also practising celibacy.

  • A cure for Chronic Cough

    A mixture of half spoonful of tulsi juice and ginger juice with spoonful of honey helps relieve cough. For chronic cough, a mixture of equal quantity of Tulsi and Adusa juice proves beneficial.

  • Immunity booster against Cancer

    A mixture of equal amounts of Tulsi juice and honey thrice a day prevents Cancer. 10 gms of Tulsi juice with 50 gms of fresh curd (not to be sour) is helpful in preventing Cancer.

  • Tulsi scented air destroys the malarial pathogens

  • A special alkali present in it eliminates bad smell when its leaves are consumed regularly eradicating Halitosis

Now let’s look at some of Tulsi’s spiritual and metaphysical benefits

Metaphysical Benefits of Tulsi

Other benefits of Tulsi

  • Useful in controlling Global Warming

    Today, the whole world is facing the wrath of Global warming and Greenhouse Gas emissions . This year IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) reported that in near future ,due to continuous emission of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) , there will be an estimated rise of 1.5 degrees in the average temperature of our Earth. Scientifically, Tulsi is called Ocimum Sanctum and is one of those medicinal plants which takes in CO2 and gives away oxygen even in the night. Thus by offering water to Tulsi we not only nourish the plant but also benefit ourselves by getting fresh oxygen in its vicinity. By Planting more such plants and trees which give oxygen 24 hours a day like Peepal, Banyan, Neem etc. we greatly benefit ourselves.

  • Benefits of Tulsi mala

    Wearing a Tulsi mala around neck or on wrist radiates a positive bio-electric energy which prevents mental stress ,infectious diseases and blood circulatory disorders.

  • Helpful in Pregnancy

    Wearing the beads of Tulsi roots around the waist of the pregnant women avoids miscarriages, protects the foetus, makes delivery less painful, natural and easy.

A Benevolent Initiative

Numerous innocent people fall victim to the disproportional alcohol consumption, high suicidal rates, road accidents and many illegal activities during the last week of December( 25th December to 1st January ) in rave parties in the name of celebrations.

Out of a motherly concern, a bold and grandly benevolent initiative was initiated in 2014 by the visionary saint, Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu for the betterment of society guiding them away from facing sufferings and pains and living a refined, better life in harmony with nature.

So let’s come together and join hands to celebrate the divine tradition of availing prosperity and health by the means of celebrating Tulsi worship day on 25th December every year and pay our obeisance to Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu.

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